If Getting Started was followed, your app should nearly be ready for Server Side Rendering. This can be enabled in the phase config by setting ssr to true. Unfortunately SSR isn't quite so easy to write an app for. The Vue.js SSR Docs have a good write upon writing so called Universal or Isomorphic JavaScript. The hydrate config option can also be enabled or disabled. With hydrate enabled, your vue.js app will be hydrated as usual, and you will have a full interactive SPA. If ssr is enabled, but hydrate is disabled, your vue app will be server rendered, however no JS will be sent to the client. This is quite useful in certain cases, however be aware that without javascript, your vue app will loose its interactivity and it will no longer use the client side SPA routing. Your page links will still work fine, however there will be a full (albeit fast) page refresh between pages.

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